Bilal Qureshi

Bilal Mazhar Qureshi, Pediatric Radiation Oncologist working as Head of Radiation Oncology Section and Assistant Professor at Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan. Dr Qureshi serve as co-chair of Radiation Protection Committee and chair of research committee at AKU among other institutional responsibilities. He is a member of PROS since my appointment as faculty at AKU and hold the position of co-chair of PROS-LMIC group of SIOP Global Health Network (GHN) since 2021. Dr Qureshi holds the responsibility for liaison on behalf of PROS for ARIA guidelines. He holds the position of joint secretary of Radiation Oncology Society, Pakistan (ROS-RSP) and an active member of Pakistan Society of Pediatric Oncology (PSPO). He has more than 35 indexed publications including a position paper on Pediatric RT in LMIC, peer review as tool for quality assurance in radiation therapy and the experience of treating children in Pakistan. He has organized various national and regional workshops for Pediatric RT over the years and has contributed to IAEA handbook and other international publications.

  • Head of Radiation Oncology- assistant Professor AKU,
  • Chair, Radiation Protection Committee- AKU
  • CHAIR PROS Working group of SIOP
  • Executive committee member- PROS
  • PROS lead¬† for ARIA Guidelines
  • Council Member, Asian Oncology Society.