About PROS

The history of the Paediatric Radiation Oncology Society dates back to 2005, when with great foresight, Christian Carrie convened the first international meeting of our niche sub-speciality in Lyon France. Of course, previously we had attended meetings on radiotherapy in general, and on all aspects of paediatric oncology – but in both arenas there had been no special focus on the use of radiation to treat cancers in children and young people. Based on the success of this first meeting, the formal incorporation of PROS soon followed. We have established a pattern of an independent PROS congress every other year, alternating with meetings as part of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology – the SIOP Congress. So far, we have had meetings in Europe, Asia and North America – and now we are looking forward to our first meeting in Australia in 2024.

Several features make PROS special, its multi-professional membership and its global reach being particularly important. While most children’s cancer research takes place on either side of the North Atlantic – far and away most children with cancer live in Asia, Africa and South America. One aim is to try and bring the highest standards of radiation oncology to the least advantaged countries of the world. Both the PROS Congress, and many other activities undertaken by PROS either alone or working collaboratively with other organisations, serve to achieve this.