Lisbeth Cordero

Dr. Lisbeth Cordero, completed her training at The National Institute of Cancer (INCAN) in Mexico in 2004 as a Radiation Oncologist and swiftly made her mark in Costa Rica’s Public Health System at Hospital Mexico. There, she led the charge in transitioning from conventional 2D to cutting-edge 3D and IMRT technologies, revolutionizing radiotherapy practices. Her expertise also extended to pioneering advancements in 3D Brachytherapy.
Recognized for her contributions, Dr. Cordero served as the Head of the Radiotherapy Department from 2017 to 2019, where she steered transformative initiatives that elevated the standard of cancer care in Costa Rica. Her leadership was instrumental in fostering innovation and improving treatment outcomes for countless patients.
In 2019, Dr. Cordero embarked on a new chapter in her career by joining the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). In her role, she oversaw the implementation of over 160 Technical Cooperation projects worldwide, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to advancing radiation oncology on a global scale. Her strategic vision and collaborative approach were instrumental in fostering partnerships and driving impactful initiatives aimed at enhancing cancer care infrastructure and expertise in various countries.
Her contributions extend beyond project management, with numerous technical publications and research projects underscoring her commitment to advancing the field.
Dr. Cordero is deeply passionate about ensuring equitable access to quality cancer care, particularly for vulnerable populations. She has been a steadfast advocate for the IAEA-Global Childhood activities, working to expand access to safe and effective radiotherapy treatments for children worldwide.